Julius grew up on the Highveld in Africa – the endless horizon, flat – the sky a dome of blue, the sun ever present, day after day. The ocean a thousand miles away.

When I first saw it, it was a revelation and a great love. It still is ”.

Julius trained at the Cape Town Visual Arts Research Centre with Kevin Atkinson, and subsequently in London at the then St Martins School of Art in Charing Cross Road. He has exhibited in Cape Town, London, Brighton and in private collections in Sydney. He works in various types of acrylic based paint on canvas.

" I am interested in process – disrupting the notion of composition and form. The aim is for the image to be revealed through the rigorous application of the process in a systematic manner ”.

Influences in painting range from the Cubists, especially Juan Gris, through to Kandinsky, the Russian Constructivists, the American Abstract Expressionists, the Process painters of the 60’s including Mark Rothko, Morris Louis and Helen Frankenthaler, and his late friends and colleagues Kevin Atkinson and Trevor Goss, amongst others. Later influences include the post modern abstractionists.

Julius's work explores how colours and process are influenced by light, landscape and the marine environment.